Yes, Hamilton. There IS an Electoral College


Recently, a new organization has cropped up all over the media landscape and they’re getting quite a bit of attention. The group is called Hamilton Electors and they are made up (as far as I can tell) of a tiny handful of members of the Electoral College who are both born without genitalia and devoted to overturning President-Elect Donald Trump’s victory.

A lot of focus from the Left has been painstakingly directed over the torturous and invalid notion that through recountsprotests, and tantrum throwing, butthurt Americans may be able to wake up from the nightmare they experienced on November 8th, 2016 when half of the country collectively told the other half to go fuck themselves.

It is in this fervor, paired with the blind devotion to the over-hyped and over-praised Hamilton: An American Musical, that left-wing ideologues have decided that the founding fathers (namely Alexander Hamilton) set up our current voting system in order to stop future-president Donald Trump, specifically, from taking office.

Let’s set aside the delusional nature of that belief for now, and focus on how ludicrously myopic this interpretation of Alexander Hamilton clearly is.

Hamilton was part of the Constitutional Convention, an interminable series of discussions about the newly founded independent American Colonies and how they should be run. Hamilton was originally in favor of appointing an executive for a lifetime term.

It was in the Federalist Papers number 68 that Hamilton (under a pseudonym, so experts only suspect it was actually him) fleshed out his understanding of an Electoral College being appropriate for American elections. In this argument, he explicitly stated that he saw the Electoral College be made up of distinguished men who would and could be trusted with making sure a suitable and distinguished man become president…sort of as a last line of defense in his mind against democracy run amok, or worse, women getting the vote.

It would be the Electors’ job to represent the people and ensure that the winner of the states’ electoral votes would be voted into office. Like most laws of the land, this process was put into effect mostly to protect slave states. As colonies where plantation farming was plentiful had a much smaller voting population, the forefathers wanted to make sure these industrial states (like South Carolina) were also represented in a presidential election.

To put that in perspective today, American farmland and industrial states would have little-to-no say in the Executive and Judicial branches of government if we relied on the Popular Vote alone to determine elections. Populous cities like NYC, Chicago, LA, and Philadelphia would be the most deciding factors for the presidency, effectively re-creating the notion that only the elite upper class and desperate lower class would be tapped to make their voices heard. 80-90% of the United States would not have an invitation to the table.

This is the folly of those who seek to abolish the Electoral College. Theoretically, in our current sociopolitical climate, it is perfectly reasonable to assume that it may be unlikely that a conservative/Republican candidate may ever win the Popular Vote again. The media works to tarnish the reputations of conservatives and Republicans, and the Democrats attempt to weaken regulations that restrict voter fraud, creating easier access to the polls for millions of Democrat-inclined parties to vote illegally.

To put that into further perspective: California is a Blue State, usually counted for the Democratic candidate before votes are even counted. California went to Hillary Clinton with more votes than any other state, giving her over 8 Million votes. Currently, Clinton leads the Popular Vote by about 2.5 Million Votes. No individual state would even come close to those margins. An election where a majority of the populations of any of these blue states voted would crush a Republican candidate, hands down.

In this case, however, we have the Electoral College siting Alexander Hamilton in order to take a stand against Donald Trump–because despite an against-the-odds victory and obvious attempts to reach out to both friend and foe for guidance and support–they see him as unfit for office.

Other than being a gentlemen of distinguished character, Hamilton offers very few other requirements of the President of the United States. He also seems generally dismissive of the notion that such a reprehensible being would even make it far enough to become President; and if he should, he probably wasn’t as reprehensible as people thought. Hamilton essentially assured a fail-safe system with the Electoral College, but also implied that because of the nature of American men, it would be inconceivable for the Electoral College to ever have to utilize such a thing.

The main deciding factor in Hamilton’s critique of a future “unfit” president was an individual who may have allegiances with foreign powers over his devotion to America…a warning both against tyranny of foreign governments, and globalism.

Hamilton makes one more point, which wraps this all up very nicely. He describes his requirements for traits of the “men” who should be chosen as Electors.

  1. They must only meet within their own states. This is to prevent collusion on the part of electors so they may not band together to overthrow a democratic election. Strike ONE for having a website called “Hamilton Electors” where electors may collude to vote against the President-Elect.
  2. No electors may hold positions within the government. We’ll give this one a pass for now, but I wouldn’t be surprised by foul play here.
  3. No electors who have “too great devotion for the President in office.” Clearly a strike for the Hamilton Electors here, but we’d have to clarify what this means. Surely they don’t have to hate Obama to be electors, but they must also not be champions of Hillary Clinton or the Democratic Party. Their website maintains their mission to instead elect a different Republican. But I don’t buy it. No self-respecting Republican would tarnish their reputation by accepting this treasonous offer.

And it would be tantamount to treason. At this point, the only saving grace we have as either Protestors, Trump Supporters, or just concerned citizens is that these naive and self-important delusional schmucks will not make a dent in the numbers to overturn or challenge this election. Because doing so could potentially be an act of war, and I don’t foresee any of these Electoral College Lin-Manuel Miranda cucks doing much more than fashioning their soiled tighty-whities into a makeshift banner of surrender.



The Day America Elected a Frog

1Let’s get one thing straight. Most of America doesn’t vote; so before you gloat about “America wanted Trump” or “It appears Clinton won the popular vote, so clearly America wanted Clinton,” understand the the vast majority of the country didn’t give a fuck about either candidate; or at least not enough to push a button.

Since the beginning of this election cycle–all the way back to the primaries, the media, pollsters, experts, and dipshit comedians made one thing perfectly clear: Donald Trump did not stand a chance. But there was something else going on that they didn’t quite grasp:

Most people don’t really like being seen as villains.

It began with the Tea Party, a diverse nationalist group mainly focused on decreasing the power of the Federal Government, and against amnesty for illegal immigrants. They were called racists. Then we expand the scope to gun violence and the evolution of Black Lives Matter from a law enforcement watchdog group into a terrorist organization. But if you spoke against BLM, you were called racist. Then we expand further to Islamic extremism, the failure of European governments to get a handle on terrorism and corrosive Islamic culture within their borders, and those who had a problem with it were called racist.

But the Social Justice movement had their own frustration against the big government cronies. They formed Occupy Wall Street and attempted to stand up for “the 99%”, a portion of the country they felt were not given preferential treatment over the elite and wealthy donors, lobbyists and powers that influence practically every move in government, no matter what party is in power.These protest groups slowly dismantled and became dysfunctional versions of themselves; largely due to public perception of their behavior (along with their actual objectionable behavior).

Any legitimate concerns about violent protests, riots, terrorism, murders and collegiate safe-space culture were immediately shut down as racistsexisttransphobichomophobic or islamophobic by the youth culture and their pearl-clutching “cool” professors.

Then the introversion began. People became increasingly apprehensive about voicing their disapproval, so they did so anonymously…via social media, or by living vicariously through outspoken provocateurs like Milo Yiannopoulos or satirical troll-havens like 4chan or Reddit. And it was in this cavern of anonymity that people chose Pepe the Frog as a symbol of their dissatisfaction.

While the typical election bullshit reached a fever pitch, the media assured the fainting-couch left that there was no possible way “New-Hitler Donald Trump” could possibly win. They asked millions of Americans through countless polls and the vast majority agreed. Donald Trump was a metaphysical impossibility.

But the cult of Pepe hadn’t been polled. They weren’t “likely voters.” The disenfranchised never are.

So when the time came to vote for a woman president, those who opposed her were called sexist. They didn’t like her political cronyism and they didn’t like the new Ghostbusters movie. They were the pariahs, living in the shadows, being shouted down by their peers, and being laughed off by the media.

They decided “fuck em. I’m going to vote Pepe.” And by this point, Pepe was solidified as Donald Trump. It could have been anyone. Any outsider who rose to national intrigue based on flippant behavior and complete disregard for the media’s non-stop belittlement. Make no mistake. This vote was not for Donald Trump, though many do sympathize with his political ideals. This was a vote for “fuck you.”

1This election wasn’t just a mirror of Britain’s Brexit vote…where the silent majority spoke out against what they perceived as a cultural holocaust…and agreed to turn their backs on the people who have been calling them bigots for the better part of a decade.

This election was punk. This election was hip hop. This election was the blowback of a culture war started long ago. The delusional moral superiority of the millennial culture created a volatile space that alienated the voices of reason, backed them into corners, and silenced them into sociological persecution–or at least the threat of it.

Many of those individuals chose not to cower in corners but to attempt to carefully fight back…swinging wildly, but with open-hands. All of their voices falling on deaf ears.

The rest waited, dormant, stoic. Waiting for the day when they could voice their frustration, not with a Facebook post that will get them suspended, or a Tweet that will get posted on Gawker with the caption “Check out THIS fucking idiot!” Principled, non-voting anarchistic and frustrated former-voters came out in droves. And while the actual voter turnout numbers were still relatively much lower than the media expected, they came out to push that button for Pepe the Frog. The anomaly. And Pepe won.

trollI’ve written several articles on this site about the swell of fear around a Trump presidency, the brazen corruption and seemingly unsinkability of the fascistic left, the rise of Pepe the Frog as a symbol of “hate”, some prude blogger cunt’s inability to fuck because of Trump, and more. And everyone dismissed the idea of Trump being a fuck of a lot closer to the White House than anyone was prepared to admit. And though I never boasted confidence in his eventual victory, I welcomed it with open arms.

So if you’re worried, shivering, sweating, protesting, still calling people sexist and racist for finally standing up to you and your cunty drivel–get a grip, grow some fucking balls, and figure out how you’re going to get through your miserable days knowing that all your hypocritical regressive bullshit just got your salty asses thrown the fuck out. So now you have to deal with it. Now you have to accept the repercussions of your incessant white knight cancerous fucking narrative. You asked for this. The grave is yours to fill.
Chickens, meet Roost.


What to Watch: Election Weekend Movies!

Election 2016 has been… exciting…. I guess…..

But HEY! Guess what? At least we have some fun flicks to watch if you’ve got the itch for some political movie action. So here’s what you’re going to view depending on your mood:


  • Mood -Taking it Easy


Primary Colors (1998): It’s interesting enough and chill enough that you can enjoy it if you want to watch a movie without over the top intensity or humor. It’s not a spoiler, that is John Travolta basically portraying Bill Clinton.


  • Mood – Hopelessly Romantic


The American President (1995): Not my thing, however, not a bad movie. The President is a widower, he falls in love while running for re-election, and yadda yadda yadda. The cast is fantastic, Rob Reiner directed it, Aaron Sorkin wrote it, and Michael J Fox is in it. So if you’re the romantic movie type this one is for you.


  • Mood – Wanna Learn Somthin’


The War Room (1993): It’s a fantastic documentary which follows George Stephanopoulos and James Carville behind the scenes of the grueling Presidential election. After you watch this you will watch the episode The Bunker from the IFC series Documentary Now! It will not disappoint.


  • Mood – Thrills Please


The Manchurian Candidate (1962/2004): You can go with the original or remake for this one. It’s an interesting story that will mess with your head! Watch both and see if the 2004 remake to see the difference between Cold War Fear vs Corporate Greed Fear.


  • Mood – What if


Man of the Year (2006): I know you’ve probably had thought “what if Robin Williams made one more movie?” Well my friend you’re in luck! It’s not new, but it will be new to you because nobody saw this film. You get a bad movie, but you get Robin Williams, your call.


  • Mood – I hate myself


Swing Vote (2008): Just look at the poster, you can watch it if you want to continue the downward spiral of severe depression.