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The Deleterious Dilemma of Shane Gillis

On September 12, 2019 it was announced that Pennsylvania native Shane Gillis would be joining the 45th season of NBC's Saturday Night Live. The long-running sketch comedy series has seen far better days and is teetering around an all-time-low in ratings and popularity. All the while, Shane Gillis--a writer, comedian and actor in his early… Continue reading The Deleterious Dilemma of Shane Gillis

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The ‘Nanette’ Delusion

(The following editorial is a matter of opinion. The author has no inside knowledge of the subject and all thoughts herein are purely speculative in nature.) Hannah Gadsby, the Australian performance artist masquerading as a comedienne, rose to international prominence through her interminably turgid Netflix special, "Nanette." The hubris gained from being suddenly world-famous has turned Gadsby… Continue reading The ‘Nanette’ Delusion

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Kurt Metzger is the Devil

Much has been written by Kurt Metzger on a regular basis on a variety of topics from Internet Trolls' use of the word "cuck" as the new gold-standard why C.H.U.D.s on Reddit have no valid opinion when it comes to who is and isn't "funny." No matter how you feel about Metzger, his comedy, or his… Continue reading Kurt Metzger is the Devil

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Talking Nerdy, Ep. 179: New Years Mummer Freakout

DOWNLOAD THE LATEST EPISODE HERE!! or on iTUNES and STITCHER RADIO Joined by local comedian Jon Koppel, we offer our take on the overall Mummer Parade experience / Caitlyn Jenner on the Froot Loop box / A local weatherman's take on Froot Loops / Dave plays Frankenstein in the kitchen / Review Brah finds an impostor… Continue reading Talking Nerdy, Ep. 179: New Years Mummer Freakout

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Talking Nerdy, Ep. 159: Collard and Kel with Chris Cotton

Comedian Chris Cotton (Artie Quitter Podcast, Center City Comedy) joins us in studio for a fun-filled journey covering Political Correctness/the War on Rap Music/Black Lives Matter/Gender Neutral Target Stores/Bias Free Language Guide/Caitlyn Jenner/MattyB Raps/Lil Dicky/Ant-Man/Josh Trank's Fantastic Mess/Animal Dicks with Primal Hardwere! Check out #TalkingNerdyLIVE Sat. 8/29 at 3PM featuring Comedian Kyle Harris! DOWNLOAD THE LATEST EPISODE… Continue reading Talking Nerdy, Ep. 159: Collard and Kel with Chris Cotton

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Talking Nerdy, Episode 120: How To Be A Social Justice Warrior

Comedian Seamus Millar joins us in the studio this week to discuss the degradation of social media in the clenched anus of Social Justice Warriors and speech police. We figure out what's really going on with the War on Christmas, speculate on the future of Euro-Space Travel, discuss why Gotham is almost more enjoyable than… Continue reading Talking Nerdy, Episode 120: How To Be A Social Justice Warrior

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Talking Nerdy Ep. 95: Drain The Rock Johnson

Special Guest Comedian Dan Scully joins us to talk movies, play games and discuss the Hot Billboard 100 in a way that only people who don't listen to the latest pop music can do! Download the LATEST EPISODE HERE or on iTUNES / STITCHER RADIO!