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I’d Like to Buy the World a Pepsi In the latest example of "dipshit social justice grandstanding" the bewildered and misguided Left have managed to get Pepsi (the sugar-water you get when the restaurant doesn't have Coke-brand sugar-water) to pull their latest long-form advertisement from the Interwebz. The ad, to anyone with a fucking brain in their skull, mimics the sentiment of the classic-but-cringe 1971 Coca… Continue reading I’d Like to Buy the World a Pepsi

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The Mobile Strike Models, and You The objectively awful Mobile Strike game is for dads and intellectually disabled adults. So perhaps marketing to that crowd is a genius scheme. But despite the desperate outcry for more "realistic" women and the virtue-signalling adoration thrown at plus-sized models (read: women with slim faces but huge bodies) seems to border on condescending. Who on earth… Continue reading The Mobile Strike Models, and You


The War on Comedy, part II

I bet you’re wondering where part one can be found. The answer is that it can’t. I’ve decided to call this “Part 2” because part one exists all across the web. One comedian “goes too far” and one topic is no longer acceptable to make light of. If we can’t laugh at horrible and offensive… Continue reading The War on Comedy, part II

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On Life’s Major Disappointments

Following a severely damaging loss by the Phillies on Halloween night, I couldn't bring myself to feel much more than a long line of painful fucking disappointments. What's the old saying? "When life gives you lemons...kill yourself." This all spawned from one deep and emotional conversation involving a childhood memory and a long strand of… Continue reading On Life’s Major Disappointments

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Does Anyone Remember the McD.L.T.?

We've all made mistakes. Some were more significant and life-changing than others, obviously. But when the fine and upstanding douchebags in the advertising field screw the proverbial pooch when it comes to doing their jobs properly, well, the result is their prompt and inevitable exile from the industry. McDonald's has a long uncomfortable line of shitty campaigns,… Continue reading Does Anyone Remember the McD.L.T.?