The Health Care Debate, as I Understand it

alexbwIn layman’s terms, the phrase “layman’s terms” refers to an explanation given so that the average Joe can understand it. It is an idea explained (perhaps by an expert) in a manner that a layperson, or non-expert, can easily grasp. But seeing as how many of America’s laypersons are out of work and uninsured, I could probably stand to just wing this one.

So, let’s start at the beginning–as it is a good place to start just about anything.

National Health Care has been debated for quite some time. Teddy Roosevelt was the first to openly discuss it; and interestingly, openly anti-religion. Bill Clinton fought for Health Care, but pretty much fucked it up because his administration had no idea what they were doing. And now, Barack Obama (that black guy on TV…you know, the presidential one) is making a serious attempt to right those wrongs.

But, as there is with anything else, there is a heated debate. The voices of this debate come from many faces, so let’s examine them.

1. Obama–Whether you like him or not, he is our president. He hasn’t even held the office for one year and already, he’s facing an unprecidented level of criticism; but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The president should be criticized; should be scrutinized…otherwise, our government would be no fun.


Its not racist...hes the hero!
It's not racist...he's the hero!

Obama ran on a platform of Universal Health Care, a concept that would provide for “free” medical service for the people of the United States. Doesn’t sound so bad, does it? Should health care be as “free” as police officers, fire fighters, public schools, parks, roads, and recreational areas? Should the government provide for our health as well as our domestic security? Obama says: Abso-fucking-lutely (in so many words).


2. Democrats–This is a lollipop time for Democrats. They have crazy majorities in the Legislature as well as having a fairly straightforward liberal in the White House…so why can’t they pass this fucking thing? Well, there’s a simple answer: nobody knows what “this thing” is.

John Kerry loves boobies.
John Kerry loves boobies.

As per most of the bills passed in this country, nobody in our elected Congress feels the need to actually read or look into what they actually say. If the Democrats could all get together and do something as one unified front, they wouldn’t be Democrats…but also, they wouldn’t have minds of their own. Whether they’re wrong or right, these handful of Democrats are uncomfortable with voting for something that may not be ideal.

3. Conservatives–Fiscal Conservatives feel that spending more money to solve our problems is hardly the answer. Some Conservatives seek Health Care Reform, but not Socialized Medicine. Others seriously consider the notion that the responsibility of the government is not to babysit the American people. The citizens need to be responsible for themselves, and only themselves–an interesting concept that may not be possible in our culture.

Can we all just agree that wed fuck Sarah Palin?
Can we all just agree that we'd fuck Sarah Palin?

The only problem here is that Republican Conservatives who fit these categories still have no alternative solution to Obama’s Health Care reform. They only offer dissent and opposition.

4. Liberals–While it is about time that Liberal Americans can finally stand by their president, many of them are unhappy with Obama’s abandonment of issues like Gay Marriage (although Obama never claimed to be Pro-Gay Marriage). But this debate is about Health Care, so let’s talk about that.

I still dont think Id let Michael Moore into my body.
I still don't think I'd let Michael Moore into my body.

Obama’s original stance was strong on a “Public Option,” which is political-speak for Government Sponsored Health Care as an alternative to already-existing insurance companies. Suddenly, this concept has taken so much attack that it has become a back-burner issue. Many Liberals are upset about this. They expected Obama to be strong on Socialized Medicine.

I bet theyre delicious.
I bet they're delicious.

5. Racists–Those involved in this debate have been attempting to keep this group on-topic, but there is no doubt that these individuals are being utilized as a strong voice of the Anti-Obama movement. They use redderick to suggest that Obama is not qualified to be president, or that he is somehow inelligible, or that he is a secret Terrorist/Communist. These tactics are used to distract from the actual Health Care debate, and fix the conversation so that it focuses more on the defense of Obama’s presidency, and less on reform.

Has made a career out of comparing presidents to Nazis.
Has made a career out of comparing presidents to Nazis.

6. LaRouche Movement–You know those protestors you see on TV? The ones marching on Washington with Obama=Hitler signs, and showing up at Town Hall Meetings spouting nonsense about the administration’s plans? They’re not Conservative Nutjobs. They’re Liberal Nutjobs. They are followers of Democratic Presidential hopeful Lyndon LaRouche.

What the fuck does LaRouche think Hitler DID?! Invent the Internet?!
What the fuck does LaRouche think Hitler DID?! Invent the Internet?!

The Right is now using this aggression to get their point across, yet these were the same people who have been calling George Bush the AntiChrist for the past 8 years. If you do some homework, you’ll find that these people aren’t specifically against Obama, they’re actually just against ANYONE who isn’t Lyndon LaRouche–a failure and psychopath who uses brainwashed college students to further his agenda of being the President of Batshit Crazytown.

7. Hypocrites and Idiots–The problem with any debate is that there are always–on both sides–individuals who speak and act without rhyme or reason. Some people have no sense of logic, but what they lack in common sense, they make up for in being the extremely loud and obnoxious voice of America.

That’s right. For once, you have to sit back and acknowledge that you don’t know what’s best for everyone. You know what’s best for you–and in reality, that’s all anyone knows. The duty of the President is–but shouldn’t necessarily be–to figure out exactly what is best for everyone…and surrounding him are the people he feels are best to help him figure that out.


When you say: I don’t want my tax dollars paying for a drug addict’s hospital bills, you need to think twice about what your tax dollars already pay for. The selfish and pig-ignorant arguments don’t work anymore. As we advance as a society, we need to have real debate about issues that effect us.

No, but Im sure most of the other shit you believe qualifies as a Hate Crime
Insane/Illogical Protestors=Lobotomy

While we are beginning to see strong debates over the environment, green technology and our natural resources, we are certainly not seeing an educated one. When having a debate, you need two people who aren’t laypeople. You need two experts in their field to come to some reasoned conclusions.

Right now, we have one side saying: We should have Universal Health Care because people get sick and can’t financially afford to get help.

…one side saying: Yeah? Well fuck ’em.

…one side saying: I don’t like that idea. Come up with one that I’ll like. I’ll let you know when you do.

…and still another saying: I’m the King of the Potato People! Climb aboard my Magic Carpet!

If there is no serious debate, there is no reform, there is no progress, and there is no country. You fuckers need to grow up…and fast…because I don’t know if my face is red because I’m so angry–or if I need to go to the hospital.

Alex G/

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A Warm Recession

AlexJudging by the epidemic of lay-offs, stock market plunges, and clusterfuck pissing competitions throughout the Legislative Branch, our country seems to be (for lack of a better phrase) bucked-fackwards.

While this financial game of Jenga plays out, we can do nothing but scream from the comfort of our own homes tents cardboard kingdoms for our elected officials to “Pull ANY block but THAT one!”

It’s important to remain optimisticin the grim face of pure in-discriminatory terror. America has a habit of bouncing back, even if it may be at the expense of millions of financially insecure citizens…and one poor, blood-thirsty chimpanzee.

This leads me into our next problem–one that may be larger and more significant than another “Great Depression.”

This involves a considerably serious double-standard that appears to be taking place in these first months of the Obama Administration.

Let it be said that if nothing else, George W. Bush generated a mass interest in politics that may not have existed to this extent since the days of old.

People discuss politics now. People vote and have opinions–even if, in most cases, they are the wrong ones.

It is for this reason that Obama is suffering more than the economic wrath that the gods hath inflicted upon this cursed hemisphere. He is suffering through unanticipated scrutiny. This is a good thing. Every public official should be so unlucky.

The problem is that because our new president is being so over-scrutinized, there remain blind-f0llowers on the opposite side who cry foul whenever anyone says anything slightly negative or asks a fucking question.

It’s gotten to the point when the night’s news is focused on moral outrage regarding a political cartoon of police shooting a chimpanzee.

This was an actual NEWS STORY. Police shot a chimpanzee who freaked out and tore someone’s face off. Which is really no reason to kill the animal. Tranquilize it, sure…but tearing faces off and being aggressive is what Chimpanzees DO. It’s like killing Yogi for swiping pic-a-nic-baskets…and eating faces.

There are probably plenty of reasons to shit on the writers of The New York Post, but this cartoon is not one of them. Arguably mentally ill activists are tearing the cartoonist behind this work of art a new asshole because they see the Chimpanzee as representative of Barack Obama.

Now, who is the real racist here? The one who drew the cartoon with no racial motive, or those who march with Al Sharpton to the beat of their own pretentious drums, casually calling any depiction of a Chimp a racial slur?

This is where we fail. This is where humanity fails. When we sacrifice our freedom of speech for our own paranoid comfort, we become no better than the cunts and pussies that make up the governments of Great Britain and Holland.

When our newspapers are afraid to print articles of social commentary because of the perceived outcome, we fail as a Free Country.

(There is the possibility of irresponsible journalism or works that  encourage violence against others, but that’s a different story.)

We can not allow this to continue to happen. It is our duty to know, realize and stand up for the most basic rights of the people in this country. Even if we don’t agree, find them offensive, or have a complete cranial mis-fire and blurt out some of the most epic bullshit this country has ever had the misfortune of storing in our collective long-term memory.