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Talking Nerdy Episode 87: 2 Reasons to Watch the Kids Choice Awards

In this episode, we make our completely valid and non-creepy predictions for the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards. We also play a round of Jose Can-Say-So, check out our March Madness standings, and Dan tells us what he learned from Cosmos! Check out the latest episode HERE or on iTUNES!! Leave us RATING STARS and REVIEWS… Continue reading Talking Nerdy Episode 87: 2 Reasons to Watch the Kids Choice Awards

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The SuperDPS Guide to Conspiracy Theories

From the beginning of time, the mentally unstable have turned healthy skepticism and questioning authority into a madhouse of unpredictable, unprovable, and unimaginably nonsensical theories. The eternal unanswerable question is "Why?" Why would the government fake a moon landing, house alien life forms, cover up the paranormal, or orchestrate a terrorist attack? The reason we… Continue reading The SuperDPS Guide to Conspiracy Theories

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Toyota – Moving TOO Forward.

Toyota has been recalling a lot of their cars (roughly 8.5 million vehicles recalled in the US) with problems due to involuntary acceleration, power steering, and it's brakes on it's new hybrid models like the Prius. 34 deaths so far have been contributed to these problems a lot having to do with the in-car computers.… Continue reading Toyota – Moving TOO Forward.

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Dragon Age: Origins–Part 5

Don't judge me. If I had a problem, I would almost certainly admit it. Although I have absolutely no way of knowing for sure, I feel as if I am slowly approaching the end of this fucking game. I'm well aware how possible it is that I will get to the conclusion only to be… Continue reading Dragon Age: Origins–Part 5