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Big ideas and bad actors: The death of modernity

It is a dark time. The few remaining American people of kind heart and mind on the political left have lost nearly all common sense and credibility (if they had any to begin with) and we are unable to come together for similar values and goals. How did we get here? Cognitive dissonance within certain… Continue reading Big ideas and bad actors: The death of modernity

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Rox Trash Radio, Ep. 203

DOWNLOAD the LATEST EPISODE HERE! or on iTUNES and STITCHER RADIO! Join the Roxborough Always Rants & Sometimes Raves Facebook Group for the inside scoop! #RTR

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Prophets of Rage is a Cringe Masterpiece

You may have already forgotten (good for you) that the "rap rock supergroup" Prophets of Rage formed last year featuring most of Rage Against the Machine/AudioSlave, two members of Public Enemy, and B-Real of Cypress Hill. The amalgamation of middle-aged artists who have never written a good song in their 30+ years in the industry (with the possible exception of… Continue reading Prophets of Rage is a Cringe Masterpiece

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The Centipede’s Dilemma There's something happening; and it goes far beyond a year-long meme war (never forget). A new language has been created, new heroes have emerged, a complete mainstream media world-view has been uncovered and challenged at every turn, and the infighting among new cliques like the Alt-Right and Proud Boys has already begun. Thus begins the "Centipede's… Continue reading The Centipede’s Dilemma

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Your Russian Hacker Theory Sucks While it's ultimately refreshing to have individuals who have a seemingly limitless history of being categorically wrong about every major issue involving race, gender, sociology, and economics suddenly get super-into international politics instead, one does not simply become magically red-pilled when one's political nemesis becomes God Emperor. In this latest and transparently bogus attempt to (at… Continue reading Your Russian Hacker Theory Sucks

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Yes, Hamilton. There IS an Electoral College

Recently, a new organization has cropped up all over the media landscape and they're getting quite a bit of attention. The group is called Hamilton Electors and they are made up (as far as I can tell) of a tiny handful of members of the Electoral College who are both born without genitalia and devoted to… Continue reading Yes, Hamilton. There IS an Electoral College

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I Did Nazi That One Coming! We are in full meltdown mode, ladies and gentlemen. It's as if you're all going through the five stages of grief in a manic and unprecedented dynamic. Aside from the occasional anxiety attack, I've been having the time of my life watching all of this unfold. And I have some big-boy rational explanations for… Continue reading I Did Nazi That One Coming!

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How To Dig Your Own Grave in 5 Easy Steps!

1. Ignore All Instructions Despite the Constant Glaring signs! The first thing to remember when constructing a quality grave is to forget everything you thought you knew about graves. Your behavior in recent years makes you more than qualified to dig a fantastic grave; and don't let anyone tell you any different. So what if… Continue reading How To Dig Your Own Grave in 5 Easy Steps!