Soundtrack to the Week (If you care)

Recovery—Eminem: “Fuck my last CD; that shit’s in the trash.” Eminem drops some knowledge in his latest release, reminding us that we fell in love with him for his personality and passion. If you haven’t heard the full album yet, you’ve likely heard the single, Not Afraid; so take your response to that song, multiply … Continue reading Soundtrack to the Week (If you care)


“Depart From Me”–CAGE

Consider for a moment that just about every human being knows someone who claims to have the capacity to 'rap.' We live for the cringe-worthy moment when this person drinks enough 32oz Smirnoff Ice's that he (or she, but more likely he) decides to prove it. We feel compelled to encourage the poor bastard, while … Continue reading “Depart From Me”–CAGE