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Obligatory Ranking of ‘Black Mirror’ Episodes from OK to OMG

As I'd mentioned in a previous article, Black Mirror--the so-far 13-episode long cinematic series on Channel 4 and Netflix respectively--has quickly became a favorite of mine due to its thematic elements, style, and ability to fuck my shit up royally for a few days at a time. Everyone who reviews this show, aside from insisting that it… Continue reading Obligatory Ranking of ‘Black Mirror’ Episodes from OK to OMG

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Star Wars Goes Rogue

When Disney ripped the Star Wars universe from the cold dead hands of George Lucas, many were afraid of the franchise's future. Those people were wrong. There are plenty of times Disney has made epic and costly mistakes, but they typically come in the form of a John Carter or Lone Ranger. Typically, Disney's misfires are attempts at future… Continue reading Star Wars Goes Rogue

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Talking Nerdy Ep. 51: Two Dead Monkeys

Scientists say we're growing ever closer to human head transplants. We say, we're closer to two dead monkeys. This week's episode celebrates our Independence Day by talking nonsense, and repeatedly talking over each other--as is American custom. Download HERE or on iTUNES!

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Battlefield: South Park

Well, it's official, kids. The terrorists have won. They won in Denmark, they won in England, and now they've won in America. It's a shame, really. So many of our country's young men and women have sacrificed their lives to defend our "freedom." They died for nothing. Perhaps I sound rather nonchalant about this whole… Continue reading Battlefield: South Park