The SuperDPS Guide to the Right

There's a political schism in this country that has been exported throughout the Western World through religion and an imaginary system of values which should never be part of global or national policy to begin with. It seems only right that someone attempt to explain the points of view commonly associated with the Republican Party … Continue reading The SuperDPS Guide to the Right


France Wins First Major Victory Over Scientology

Any war, battle, or struggle fought for the forces of one's imagination is fundamentally wrong. For the purposes of this article (and for the sake of the extremely litigious Scientologists), let's assume that Scientology, along with all equal or greater faiths is--at best--completely fucking made up. Good. Let's start there. According to the Associated French … Continue reading France Wins First Major Victory Over Scientology

Americans Don’t Need More Exercise

Let's face it. We Americans are out of shape; and ever since the production of the 1973 film The Exorcist, we've been all bent out of shape with curiosity (in some cases descending staircases backwards) over the religious mysticism of the true-to-life exorcism. We've been making film after film depicting the horrors of demonic possession … Continue reading Americans Don’t Need More Exercise