Fantasy Football: Don’t Be That Guy

It’s that time of year when the men become boys, the gambling junkies get their fix, and alcoholics use one of their favorite reasons to drink – American Football. One of the most popular ways to enjoy football is the fantasy version, heck, I do. Fantasy Football is a game for wild to mild fans … Continue reading Fantasy Football: Don’t Be That Guy


Talking Nerdy, Ep. 211: Lyft Bans C*nts

War Dogs is better than Rotten Tomatoes suggests, but it's still Goodfellas / The Fairy Tale Football draft / Who wants to watch some McChicken? / Guardians of the Galaxy vs Russia's Guardians / Team Thor / Still banking on "Chad" meeting Lucille / Flakka is the drug of the apocalypse / Liberals only hate legal drug dealers / University of Chicago … Continue reading Talking Nerdy, Ep. 211: Lyft Bans C*nts

Talking Nerdy, Ep. 113: Trial By Vegemite

The boys are back! No guest this week as we discuss comic book television adaptations Gotham and Agents of SHIELD, grown-up babies, and follow up on last week's Vegemite Challenge with such games as "WIKIpeeks" and "The Rotten Tomatoes Game!" DOWNLOAD THE LATEST EPISODE HERE or on iTUNES          ///          STITCHER RADIO