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Talking Nerdy, Ep. 133: Inter-Dimensional Slap Jumping

Today's podcast topics include Disney/Marvel's acquisition of the Spider-Man franchise, how NBC's The Slap could be a better series, the new mascot for the Philadelphia 76ers and his past as a junkie Furry, and Jon Stewart's departure from The Daily Show. We play Dan Explains #Supernatural Tweets from Girls on Twitter, the IMDB Movie Game,… Continue reading Talking Nerdy, Ep. 133: Inter-Dimensional Slap Jumping

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The SuperDPS Guide to Prohibition

Hopefully, we've all had a decent-enough education to know that at one point in American History, the consumption and sale of alcohol was strictly prohibited by the United States government. Fortunately, this occurred at a time in History when our government could learn from their mistakes and push "we fucked up" initiatives after stupid decisions… Continue reading The SuperDPS Guide to Prohibition

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11 Reasons Why John Adams Kicks Ass

Image via Wikipedia 11 Reasons why John Adams kicks ass. I've finally gotten my hands on the DVD of HBO's John Adams (Thanks, Chris). Now, I'm only through the first half, so this is not about why the miniseries kicks ass -- although, to be fair, it does so far. John Adams has always been… Continue reading 11 Reasons Why John Adams Kicks Ass