$25 Free Martin (M/F tees)



When the Republicans Come Marching In

The third Republican Presidential debate kicked off this weekend in Iowa. Now that the candidates are starting to realize that the nomination is literally up for grabs, the ladder match has officially begun. The gloves are off and the Republican hopefuls have taken to either tearing one another apart or simply struggling to stay consistent. … Continue reading When the Republicans Come Marching In

The People for Basil Marceaux

Surely--by now--you've seen, or at least heard about, the internet phenomenon called Basil Marceaux. What started as a Tennessee local news open forum for Marceaux to present his reasons why he should be elected Governor turned into a worldwide clusterfunny at his own expense. For those of you who haven't seen the "video that started … Continue reading The People for Basil Marceaux