Talking Nerdy, Ep. 216: Grab Em By the Front Butt

Son of Zorn misses the mark / Disney's First Kid and the discovery of the Great Ape conspiracy / Justice for Harambe and Clinton Attacks /When and where to buy your steel buildings / Trump and Billy Bush, the Access Hollywood Tape / Joe is always stuck at the front of the haunted house group / Power Rangers is … Continue reading Talking Nerdy, Ep. 216: Grab Em By the Front Butt


Disney Pre-9/11 Video Vault: First Kid

1996 was a big cultural year for America. We hosted the Atlanta Summer Olympics, which was subsequently bombed by terrorists, killing one person and injuring over 100 more; the first three-parent baby was conceived through mitochondrial donation in New Jersey, of all places; The Ramones played their final show while Bob Dole was officially nominated for President … Continue reading Disney Pre-9/11 Video Vault: First Kid

Pepe the Frog VS Harambe

Hello, Children of the Internets...Father Time, here. You may not believe this--shit, I can scarcely believe it myself--but there once was a time when memes were developed, ran their course, and eventually died. Occasionally, the meme would see a resurgence, riding on the white horse of creativity. Using wit, or simple nostalgia, a meme would … Continue reading Pepe the Frog VS Harambe