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It’s Always Sunny on Christmas!

For those of you asking yourselves, "Does It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia really deserve a Christmas Special?" the answer--unquestionably--is YES! After a run of lackluster episodes in the previous season, Sunny is back on top. One of my favorite elements of the show--for better, or worse--is that the cast seems to truly and fully appreciate… Continue reading It’s Always Sunny on Christmas!

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The Health Care Debate, as I Understand it

In layman's terms, the phrase "layman's terms" refers to an explanation given so that the average Joe can understand it. It is an idea explained (perhaps by an expert) in a manner that a layperson, or non-expert, can easily grasp. But seeing as how many of America's laypersons are out of work and uninsured, I… Continue reading The Health Care Debate, as I Understand it