SuperDPS.com – Ep. 8.5–“Special Guest–Pornstar Amber Chase”

http://assets.tumblr.com/swf/audio_player.swf?audio_file=http://http://www.tumblr.com&color=FFFFFF SuperDPS podcast episode 8.5—Audio Interview with Adult Film and Web star, Amber Chase! Featuring the music of EXIT PARTY. Their new EP “Fast Suburbia” available now!

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Life Lessons from Porn Star Kenzie Karter

I’m a really laid back and happy person. I like to keep drama out of my life and just enjoy my life. I have such an eclectic range of music taste. I love country with a passion and currently cannot get enough of The Band Perry. As far as getting ready for performances, I prefer… Continue reading Life Lessons from Porn Star Kenzie Karter