Pony Up, Daddy! The End of the American Father

It's been a rough road for the American dad. From their portrayal in commercials since commercials existed, to being walked all over in every HGTV reality show where he's forced into living in a Tiny House, or choosing between identical paint swatches, the USA Daddy has been dragged into his role as the castrated fool. Dads don't … Continue reading Pony Up, Daddy! The End of the American Father


Despicable Me

Gru is a supervillain. Voiced by The Office star Steve Carell, he makes a living from elegantly stealing priceless and luxurious monuments from all around the world, or so he desperately wishes. You see, Gru hasn't been too successful in this department as his most prized stolen objects are the Jumbotron from Times Square, an … Continue reading Despicable Me