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Ron Paul: Nazi Creationist?

When I first learned of the existence of Ron Paul, I was legitimately excited–and rightly so! Along comes a political figure into the mainstream who reflects a decent Libertarian ideology of Constitutionalism and Freedom…but like graduating from college, my unparalleled optimism was soon crushed into a fine paste.

The first element that killed my boner for Ron Paul was his denial of Evolution as scientific fact. It’s difficult to take anyone seriously when they refuse to except certain elements of reality. The dismissal of Evolution as purely “theory” or “just a fucking guess” is so painfully and willfully ignorant that it almost generates a default respect for religious people who choose to accept Natural Selection as a process kick-started by a creator god. Almost.

It’s important to note that he hasn’t made any indication that this belief would effect his policies at all (such as banning the teaching of Evolution); however, the simple fact that he would be stupid enough to say something like this makes me honestly fearful of anyone who would blindly support him.

The idea that there's enough "crazy" in the world to fuel both Charlie Sheen and Alex Jones is fucking terrifying.

Second, I found out that he has massive support for Conspiracy Theorists because he, himself, is a Conspiracy Theorist. Not only is he tangled up in all of the batshit 9/11 Truth Conspiracies, but he also believes that there is a conscious effort by multiple administrative bodies in this country to create a “New World Order”–in other words: a unified world government to destroy our freedom.

When politicians and policy-makers talk about a “New World Order,” they’re discussing a shift in the way the Western World is viewed by the rest of the world. As in, “We need to develop a new world order wherein Americans are considered empathetic, logical, and rational-minded people, and not psychotic fuckwits who believe that NYC buildings can’t possibly burn to the fucking ground.”

Then, I found out that there may be a deeper explanation to why Ron Paul believes this nonsense: because he could potentially be a White Supremacist Conspiracy ‘Tard.

My dream is to live in a nation as white as the morning snow.

In a recent article for News One, Casey Gane-McCalla argues that Ron Paul’s association with a group called The John Birch Society directly suggests that he is a (for lack of a better term) fucking nutcase.

I’ll let Casey explain it, and you can read the article here.

My only comment, or concern, is that Conspiracy Theorists–whether racist, creationist, or just plain delusional–have a different definition of “crazy” than the rest of us “normals.”

The Conspiracy Theorist’s definition of a crazy person is “one who is not a Conspiracy Theorists and lets the overwhelming evidence to support reality speak for itself–one who is herded like a lamb to the slaughter by scientific fact and observed reason over speculation–one who foolishly accepts that the world is run by fallible and petulant men and not malicious Mole People and Secret Societies.”

Of course, I’m being slightly facetious, but the point is that Conspiracy Theorists do not operate on the same plane of reality on which the rest of the natural world operates. Nothing can convince them that their beliefs may be far-fetched or illogical–they are a cult–a religion.

...kinda just threw that last curveball in there, didn't ya?

They will use phrases such as “There’s a movie you need to watch” or “There’s a book you need to read” as if to suggest that the information they’re giving you is somehow of value.

They will claim that “when someone wants to make a good man seem evil, they will try to portray him as a Nazi, just to scare people away.” Just like Ron Paul supporters do with Obama…

There once was a time when people had opinions on issues, but now our willingness to create our own idealistic realities has turned our society into a work of speculative fiction. There is a nobility to skepticism and an unique fucking idiocy to not accepting the truth once you’ve discovered it.

Would you still support Ron Paul if you really knew his positions? Probably (hopefully) not. Yes, he wants to end the war on terror and the war on drugs–those are good things.

But he wants to eliminate all of the progress the country has made as well. Overturn Roe V. Wade.

Stop talking about Climate Change, it’s a hoax.

He accuses income tax of being a communist practice that needs to end. I guess all government programs are shut down. Let’s not even discuss having universal Health Care.

Close our borders. America is a white nation under god.

Elimination of the Department of Education so parents can choose how to educate their kids…so that every child can be as educated as, say, Sarah Palin.

How can you support this man for President? Just because we like some of his ideas, don’t mean we have to adopt his entire psycho-fuck ideology. Maybe a new Independent will come around…someone who shares Ron Paul’s good points who isn’t isn’t leaking bullshit out of every pore…like…HOLY SHIT! MIKE GRAVEL?

Mike Gravel is like Ron Paul 4.0--all the bugs removed.

I don’t know if Ron Paul is a Nazi. Honestly, I wasn’t bothered to actually look into the claims being made in the editorial. But I freely admit that to you…that I don’t know. And while Conspiracy Theorists will call me a shill for the truth-suppressing fascist media, I possess something that they will never know: a grounded sense of reality.


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