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New Year, New You: Don’t Do It

Well let us begin with a friendly HAPPY NEW YEAR! Now that we’ve got that out of the way we can discuss what our resolutions are, or, what we’re going to better this year. Think about yours, close your eyes, count to five, and allow me to inform you that it is complete bullshit. Self-improvement… Continue reading New Year, New You: Don’t Do It

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Obligatory Ranking of ‘Black Mirror’ Episodes from OK to OMG

As I'd mentioned in a previous article, Black Mirror--the so-far 13-episode long cinematic series on Channel 4 and Netflix respectively--has quickly became a favorite of mine due to its thematic elements, style, and ability to fuck my shit up royally for a few days at a time. Everyone who reviews this show, aside from insisting that it… Continue reading Obligatory Ranking of ‘Black Mirror’ Episodes from OK to OMG

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Weekend Horror Flick Viewing (10/13)

The week is coming to a close and I did my homework for you again. I took to the wonderful world of Reddit and raised this questions; which flick is the best horror remake of all time? The results are in! This week is all about the remake baby! This remake extravaganza will go as follows:… Continue reading Weekend Horror Flick Viewing (10/13)

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3 Ninjas Taught Us How to Prep for a Kidnapping

Yeah, sure--the whole karate thing is cool when you’re a kid and you think that you actually have the ability to be become a karate master like Rocky, Colt, and Tum-Tum. Well guess what, bub! You never had the ability and you never will! You’re an adult and now you’re lessons are to be learned… Continue reading 3 Ninjas Taught Us How to Prep for a Kidnapping

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7 Reasons You’re Barb from “Stranger Things”

Everyone needs a good friend; a friend that they can straight up shit on. Perhaps that is why everyone loves Barb from Stranger Things so much. Let’s break it down with the Top 7 Reasons You’re Barb. You’re incredibly insecure and are latching on to the nerd girl character Barb because she is a reflection of… Continue reading 7 Reasons You’re Barb from “Stranger Things”

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8 Non-Existent Dating Struggles and Why We’re All Pussies

There has always been pressure and sexual tension in the dating world and to think that Millenials are uniquely pressured is utter nonsense. Because of open source sex education, pornography, and the magical ability to send dong-pics to your friends that disappear in 5 seconds, we're a more sexually conscious generation, sure. But the generation behind us will surpass us in that without problem.

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Wonderfully Bad Movies

Every once in a while, a movie comes along that looks SO bad, you just HAVE to see it (think Snakes on a Plane bad).  Now, I wasn't really crazy about Snakes on a Plane, so here are three movies that, regardless of how bad you thought they were, you should go see today. UHF-… Continue reading Wonderfully Bad Movies

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The Top 10 Famous Female D-Bags

The term 'douchebag' gets thrown around a lot these days. It holds with it a stigma that tends to be uniquely masculine. When characterizing a female as particularly "in your face" or "intellectually offensive," one might use terms like 'bitch' or the ever popular 'C-Word.' It must be noted, however, that these terms (while succinct… Continue reading The Top 10 Famous Female D-Bags