If Trump Destroys Your Sex Life, It’s Your Problem

Recently, a writer for Cosmopolitan.com decided to share the sordid details of the rapid decline of her mental health and sex life with her husband, a man, all due to anxiety over the 2016 election; more specifically, Donald Judas Trump. Laura Hooper Beck could be mentally unstable, bordering on dangerous. Who knows for sure? Only the … Continue reading If Trump Destroys Your Sex Life, It’s Your Problem


The SuperDPS Guide to the Right

There's a political schism in this country that has been exported throughout the Western World through religion and an imaginary system of values which should never be part of global or national policy to begin with. It seems only right that someone attempt to explain the points of view commonly associated with the Republican Party … Continue reading The SuperDPS Guide to the Right

Hey Fellas–Avril Lavigne’s Single Again!

Where have I been? I know this is only a recent development, but shit--I wish I'd have known about this sooner. Evidently, after a three year marriage with Sum 41douchebag, Deryck (fucking) Whibley, Avril has kicked him to the curb, and is now subsequently free to make new and exciting shitty decisions. Perhaps her next celebrity … Continue reading Hey Fellas–Avril Lavigne’s Single Again!