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So yes, we have this posted on the Contact Us page (or at least we  used to...) but I'd like to OFFICIALLY announce to the world our Super Dudes Power Squad Drunk Dial Line.  We've all done it, its okay. But instead of calling your Ex, or that long lost friend, call us instead! We'll… Continue reading Superdps=SuperDrunkPhoneService

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Why Your Kids Suck

Have you ever been around someone with small children before? All they can talk about is how smart and adorable their spawn is. "Oh! Little Johnny just shit his pants! Isn't that the cutest thing ever??!!" or "Oh! Little Suzy is having a tantrum in the middle of a nice restaurant! What a cuddle bug!"… Continue reading Why Your Kids Suck

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An Open Letter to Art School Kids

Dear Pretentious Indie Art School Douche, I just needed to tell you a few things about how the world works.  Now you may think you have an “artistic vision” or are “special” in some way.  You do not and are not.  I understand as an eighteen year old you had dreams to become an artist… Continue reading An Open Letter to Art School Kids

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REVIEW: I Don’t Think So, Tim…

It's a given that when you go to South St, you're going to be bombarded with countless fliers to see someone's shitty band in a creepy bar in a bad neighborhood. It's part of the South St experiance, just like giggling at the names of the porn dvds in Condom Kingdom and getting a crappy… Continue reading REVIEW: I Don’t Think So, Tim…

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Why John Mayer is the Most Awesome Person Ever…

...but Pretty Much Sucks as a Musician. John Mayer is the coolest person ever. Too bad his music is terrible. I lay out my case below. Why he is Awesome: 1. John Mayer is 6'3. Most people don't know he's this tall, therefore when people do meet him, they often say, "Wow, you're tall!" to… Continue reading Why John Mayer is the Most Awesome Person Ever…