Frank Ocean’s Ladder

Since shortly after Channel Orange dropped in 2012, Frank Ocean fans have been restlessly waiting for another scattered, but somehow connected mind-fucking album from the Odd Future artist. He's been featuring with John Mayer, Earl Sweatshirt, Beyonce and more, all the while teasing fans with a 4-year will-he-won't-he story about dropping a new record. Let's put it … Continue reading Frank Ocean’s Ladder


VH1 to bring back ‘Pop Up Videos’

Get your present-face ready. You know, that expression you get when someone gives you a gift that you really don't want but you have to act as enthused as your mind can handle? That's the one. VH1 has made the nostalgia of the Nickelodeon generation (that is, adults born in the eighties to early-nineties) their … Continue reading VH1 to bring back ‘Pop Up Videos’

What We’re Listening to (May 2011)

Architecture in Helsinki--Moment Bends Fans of this Australian ensemble have been waiting for this album for what feels like an eternity. Then when it finally dropped, it was so under the radar that it took a whole month for me to check it out. Architecture evolves so quickly it would make a Creationist's head spin. … Continue reading What We’re Listening to (May 2011)

Twilight: Eclipse

In November 2008, American director Catherine Hardwicke's much anticipated Twilight was released in film theatres worldwide, a fantasy romance based on Stephenie Meyer's well-known novel of the same name. It was a story of vampires, teenage angst and the consequences of forbidden love, one which captured the imaginations of teens all around the world, going … Continue reading Twilight: Eclipse

Will Someone Please Explain The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus?

This past Saturday, I was wandering about in downtown Philadelphia. I bought tickets for a movie, enjoyed a beer, and then two hours of my life disappeared in a cataclysmic event that I can only attribute to the random, staggering madness of Mr. Terry Gilliam.  Upon viewing the trailer for The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, … Continue reading Will Someone Please Explain The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus?