In a Dark Dark Web (and other stories)

Whether you’re too young to remember, or the hyper-speed news cycle has rendered your long-term memory functionally obsolete, you may find it difficult to recall the tumultuous 1990s discussions about broad multimedia censorship.

Image result for pewdiepieThere have been violent video games since the 1970s, but the 90s really drove home the visceral content both figuratively and literally. Video game creators were generating some of the most “realistic” gore-fests audience have seen, and games like Mortal Kombat and Doom were selling like hotcakes on home consoles and computers.

Shit really hit the fan in 1999 when Democrats found out that the Columbine school shooters played violent video games and listened to anti-social music. Turgid leaders from both the Democrat (Both Clintons, Lieberman, Gore, etc) and Republican (basically just Newt Gingrich) sides demanded action to investigate the impact of violent video games; and look into measures to ban media content deemed anti-social or “dangerous.”

In 2011, the Supreme Court ruled against California’s desire to place sales restrictions on certain video games. Conservative Justice Scalia argued in favor of studies that showed no correlation between video game violence and real world violence in any greater degree than any other media not being called into question, and that restrictions would be an affront to the First Amendment.

Thankfully, the federal government is notoriously incompetent, and the penultimate legislation we got from this time was a largely irrelevant rating system for TV shows, Records, and Video Games.

Democrats throughout the 2000s, in conjunction with their desire to decrease or eliminate the sale of firearms, still sought to investigate the responsibility video games had for real world violence. Seizing and opportunity to shield against a 2nd Amendment onslaught, the NRA and various Republicans began to raise concerns about the inundation of young people by violence in video games and various media.

President Obama and Joe Biden called for a complete investigation into video games and video game developers in hopes of getting broad-based support for their plan to ban firearms.

Activist groups called on video game developers to stop working with gun manufacturers to license real gun designs and brands in realistic wartime video game franchises.

Somehow, now that President Trump is discussing the content of violent video games, the media is calling it a right-wing distraction from the “real discussion” of banning firearms. Many on the Left now assert that there is absolutely no link between violent video games and real violence, completely ignoring their previous platitudes, because now that argument has become a distraction from their anti-gun agenda.

Image may contain: 2 people, people sitting and textThe war against accountability is being waged on all fronts. But one thing is becoming increasingly clear: alienation and increasing rates of autism diagnoses (almost entirely amongst young males) are turning people (read: boys) inward, isolated, and creating a breeding ground for anti-social behavior.

While the average psychologically healthy male can play hours of video games, watch gory movies, and engage with internet pornography, it isn’t difficult to imagine the impact on all of these habitual behaviors constantly drilling into the consciousness of the unhealthy mind.

Young males have broadly been experiencing an increase in unhealthy desensitization toward violent and sexual behaviors. Does that mean it creates an increase in a normal male’s desire or conscious ability to commit violence? Of course not; however it undoubtedly exacerbates the likelihood of this behavior in the abnormal, anti-social male brain.

Our culture chooses to ignore the laissez-faire attitudes we’ve created toward media, thus generating a complete lack of conversation and allowing real issues to fester while we pretend to rally against “bullying”, “systemic oppression”, and other scapegoat concepts.

Companies like Facebook and Twitter create algorithms to weed out bad words and offensive speech because they feel it is their moral obligation to control content on their platforms. Yet, somehow, they free themselves from all liability when a sociopath uses their platforms to live-stream a killing spree, rape, or torture.

Image may contain: 1 person, textMedia outlets across the globe, with a complete and total lack of self-awareness, focus in on the irreverent behavior of young people on Tik Tok, Twitch or YouTube who flock to entertaining characters like PewDiePie, flaunting objectionable language and politically incorrect memes, while lambasting and further alienating the very people who flood those platforms yearning to speak freely.

In all aspects of life, more freedom means less violence. More speech and open dialogue means fewer people being made to feel like their voices aren’t heard. When you marginalize voters, they stop being honest in polls. When you threaten the removal of religious freedoms, freedom of speech, or freedom to defend against tyranny, you create a cultural mindset of being hunted down.

Then, the media literally hunts you down, doxxes you, creates public demand to shut you down. In a free society, and probably in any society, a calculated attempt to make an entire population socially and politically voiceless will have serious psychological implications. When that “population” is the entirety of historic and modern western culture and civilization, those implications can be severe and unpredictable.

Image may contain: 1 person, textThe acts of violence that get the most international media attention are not as common as they seem; far less common than the acts of violence we see examined solely on local news. But we are made to feel we are in the midst of a great civil war, an ultimate Armageddon, and things are only getting worse. And maybe, mentally, we aren’t far off.

The simple truth is that there are easy and practical ways to combat aggression and anti-social behavior. And that’s through more speech. We need real conversations with those who spend a majority of their lives plugged in to forum sites and games; conversations that don’t end in their vilification or alienation. We need cultural discussions about the impact of certain attitudes and behaviors in music, movies and other media–and about how, while art often reflects life, we need to know how to mentally separate the two.

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It’s Official! Obama Born in the USA!

giphy-57Ladies and Gentlemen, children of all ages, the debate is officially over Donald J. Trump has confirmed Barack Obama was born in The United States of America! After years of doubt the only man with all the answers was able to speak to the American people and confirm, Barack Obama was born in the U.S.A.

So what can Barry Obama expect now that he is an American?


  1. Amazon Prime is the tits! Free shipping, streaming shows, and all other sorts of shit so you don’t ever have to get up off of that fat American ass!
  2. giphy-50Costco, bulk buys and that food court! Mega slices of pizza, giant churros for a buck, brisket, hot dog & a drink for $1.50! And what in the fuck in is a chicken bake?!?! I don’t know but now that you’re American if you leave the house you can buy in bulk so you don’t have to leave the house again too soon and gorge on those food court prices to get that fat American ass even fatter.


  3. McDonald’s McPick 2 is cool as balls, here’s the tip you can get 20 McNuggets by getting two 10 piece orders off the McPick 2 for $5 OR you can get 24 McNuggets for $5 by ording 4 6 piece nuggets from the McPick 2 $2.50 menu. Basic economics, you know?
  4. giphy-49Trolling is so much fun! Pick a target, any target and troll the shit out of them wherever and however you please, it’s the new American way!
  5. No matter what you drive, don’t refer to it as being “ok” or “reasonable” or “affordable”. No, your vehicle of choice is American and you’re American so you’re going to say your car is either “a piece of shit” or “fucking awesome”. No more, no less, and certainly not in between.


  6. Every brand that is the opposite of the brand you buy sucks. Don’t let anyone who uses the brand that isn’t your brand forget it.


  7. When out in public make sure to take plenty of pictures and videos of people you don’t know and judge the shit out of them. You don’t know them and they don’t know you, who cares? This is America!


  8. Everybody comes in to work late on Mondays, especially during football season. This is America and it’s hard enough to get that big ol’ American butt out of bed. Your employer will not only understand, but they’ll be late too!


  9. Game of Thrones doesn’t come back on until June, I don’t know what to do either. Fuck it, this is America!


  10. Everyone in American loves the ever loving shit out of America so don’t be afraid to flaunt how god damn American you are you sexy American son of a gun!


So congratulations Barack Obama you were born in the United States – period!


Doesn’t “Ban the Box” Sound Like Slut Shaming?

4When you mention “Ban the Box” to anyone, you almost immediately have to launch into a defensive stance. Most logical people would certainly interpret the tragically-named civil rights initiative as some kind of counter-feminist movement at best, or an Islamic Male-Pride March at worst.

Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on actual data, “Ban the Box” is a snappy title for a sociopolitical campaign to erase the required field inquiring about an individuals’ criminal record from job applications.

“Ban the Box” gained steam in 2015 after 52 U.S. municipalities and 18 states were reported to have such legislation on the books for government job applications, and (in some cases) private government contractors. Even social justice heavyweight TARGET got on board as early as 2013.

Now, a November 2015 video from Now This has been re-circulating on social media, bringing this conversation back to the forefront.

Now This implies that Obama is going to pass “Ban the Box” by executive order, thereby “ending stigmas” associated with ex-convicts trying to re-assimilate into society. Now This says:

It’s just another move in Obama’s year of getting shit done

Just two problems with this. Obama only expressed interest in this area and never announced he was actually doing itThe Office of Personnel Management has only proposed the idea of delaying a criminal background check until an initial job contract is pending–creating a scenario where, in theory, an applicant will know that he (or she, but more likely he) did not get the job because of prejudice over his criminal history. But even that isn’t clear yet. In virtually every scenario, Obama isn’tgetting shit done.”


“Shit” doesn’t fucking work.

This June, an experimental study was published regarding the racial gap in job applicants with various backgrounds in New Jersey and New York before and after the “Ban the Box” laws went into effect. As it turns out, the advent of the “Ban the Box” laws increased the racial gap in call-back rates by 38%.

In July, another study was published by the National Bureau of Economic Research that in places where “Ban the Box” laws have been implemented, the likelihood of young, non-college educated black and Hispanic males snagging a job have drastically declined. In another example of Democrats fucking over minorities on a road paved with “good intentions”, law-makers ignored the fact that employers who are not allowed to check for criminal history will be more inclined to use race as a factor (even though that it also illegal) in their employee hunt.

And considering that about 7% of the population are statistically responsible for over half of violent crime in the United States, what safer bet do you think employers are going to take?

Ban the Box initiatives have been proven to be ineffective, despite the best intentions to rehabilitate criminals who have paid their debt to society. They create incentive to judge resumes based on race. And they always include stipulations for certain types of criminals…because rapists and murderers deserve more of a second-chance than someone who exposed himself at a playground, I guess.

Certainly, there are laws in play here that require sex-offenders to disclose these facts to the public and employers. This creates an environment where a Day Care can avoid hiring someone who molested a child, but a restaurant can hire that person for kitchen staff, and just keep him away from kids. Why, then, is the Day Care allowed to make that distinction about who they want to hire (or at least legally know who they’re hiring) but no one else should be allowed to?

It is just as illegal to not hire someone based on having a criminal record as it is to not hire someone based on their race. So why are government officials choosing to swap one out for another? Could it have anything to do with increasing the number of individuals who progressives can label as racists?

There certainly is that plausibility. But, as of now, this potential executive order only stands to effect Federal Employees, so fuck ’em. But when you begin to tell private businesses that they aren’t allowed to conduct background checks, you’re going to open up a behemoth can of worms.