Why the F*ck Do They Say F*ck on Netflix’s The Ranch?

giphy-21Netflix released part 2 of season 1 of their nostalgia, middle America fueled fever dream called The Ranch. With all of vibes of a cheesy sitcom, which is fine if that’s what it is, comes the need to not be like network television, or standard cable for that matter, and throw around fucks like there is no tomorrow. The majority of the time it is unwarranted and takes away from the show itself, which isn’t much to begin with.

I love using foul language it’s been one of my favorite things to do since I heard my first curse word. Why? Because it can be hilarious, strongly make a point, or, I just fucking feel like it. It’s a wonderful thing that this show seems to ruin. Sam Elliot’s lines consist of random fucks for the sake of saying fuck, which is fucking weird if you fucking ask me. There is really no point to having excessive fucks on this show, it makes absolutely no sense, and honestly there may be a 65% success rate of landing fucks when people would actually say fuck.

giphy-20The only explanation would be that the show is trying to portray the characters as white trash, which after watching The Ranch they might be but they don’t want to. They’re good ol’ boys who work hard, drink every day, and say fuck, and occasionally get laid. Hey it’s all in a good day’s work using a sitcom for senseless fucks.



I Love Movies, but I Hate Yours: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2

And so it ends. Eight movies, all glorious; millions of fans, all utterly devoted; billions of dough flooding the bank, all very much deserved. The “Harry Potter” franchise truly has become a gigantic staple of contemporary popular culture, each magical movie wonderfully adapted from the beloved series of bestselling books written by celebrated British author J. K. Rowling. And it is with great sadness and grief that we slide off our pointed wizard hats, raise our wands in the air and light up the sky to bid farewell to this magnificent saga as it takes its grand final bow.

Yes, it’s all over for Harry Potter and his wizarding pals, but there’s no use crying over spilt pumpkin juice. Okay, maybe just a few tears (they are characters with whom many have grown up, after all). We last saw speccy, redhead and bookworm on a sandy beach at the end of “Part One” of the “Deathly Hallows” double, where poor little house-elf Dobby had just fallen fatal victim to a knife flung by bitch-of-a-witch Bellatrix Lestrange (Helena Bonham Carter, “The King’s Speech”).

“Part Two” picks up soon after this tragic affair, with Harry (Daniel Radcliffe), Ron (Rupert Grint) and Hermione (Emma Watson) planning their next move against the monstrous Lord Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes, “In Bruges”) and his nefarious companions, the savage Death Eaters. The trio also continue their search for the rest of the Horcruxes, which those who have paid attention to the series should know are different parts of Voldemort’s wicked soul, and they all need to be destroyed if he is to finally meet his maker. (Read More)

Ten Outta Ten.


What We’re Listening to (May 2011)

Architecture in Helsinki–Moment Bends
Fans of this Australian ensemble have been waiting for this album for what feels like an eternity. Then when it finally dropped, it was so under the radar that it took a whole month for me to check it out. Architecture evolves so quickly it would make a Creationist’s head spin. When I first saw Architecture, they were a hot mess garage band orchestra. It was like going to see the Cosby Kids, banging on trash cans, and whatever else they could find around the house to capture a unique sound. It worked beautifully. The transition here is very mature and modern. Sacrificing the trinkets for the keyboards and synths, they go from grungy melodic jams to indie rock, then come back with this beat-heavy pop record that flows so perfectly, I can fully accept and appreciate the long wait. (Listen to: Contact High)

Tyler, the Creator (OFWGKTA)–Goblin
At the risk of sounding like a Geico commercial, if you haven’t heard Odd Future you must be living under a rock. The anticipation for this album has been overwhelming, and it reflects in the artists themselves (mainly Tyler, the Creator). To put it in perspective, Odd Future could be compared to a junior Wu Tang Clan due to the talent that each artist in this super-group possesses individually and their overall production value. Goblin marks the first album that Odd Future has released commercially; credited particularly to Tyler (or is it his alter ego, Wolf Haley?). The combination of two identifiable personalities in one young artist makes for an album of such lyrical and psychological prowess, it should be embarrassing for other well-established rappers who notoriously release track after track of unimpressive hip hop. I feel like there may be some kind of cosmic punishment for saying that I absolutely and unequivocally love this record. It’s vile, violent, morbid and beautiful. It’s Odd Future. Wolf Gang. Free Earl. (Listen to: Nightmare)

The Lonely Island–Turtleneck & Chain
Akiva Schaffer, Jorma Taccone, and Andy Samberg put together this comedy troupe in Junior High and gradually, through various highs and lows, caught the eyes and ears of Lorne Michaels (SNL). Comedy in music hit a definitive fork in the road a little over a decade ago. Where many artists like Weird Al Yankovic continued down the path of parody and silly tunes for a particular audience, other major artists (particularly in the rap scene) decided to include humorous lyrics in their songs, mostly to imply that not all rap is about bitches, money, and violence; sometimes it’s just a prop bag of intended puns. Lonely Island takes their hilarious ATV off the road completely and treads a intensely popular middle-ground. They’re making real music, lampooning hip hop while showing it the utmost respect. The album is great and chock full of hits. The only criticism I can possibly muster is that many of these songs don’t quite work without their music video–but the fact that everyone and their mothers have seen these songs featured on SNL, the picture is pretty vividly painted. (Listen to: Creep ft. Nicki Minaj)

Manchester Orchestra–Simple Math
If you keep up with this blog (and I’m sure you do), you may have noticed that I covered a Manchester Orchestra album last month as well. If it’s taken you this long to check them out, shame on you. Manchester Orchestra is incredible–and I’m kind of disappointed that their music isn’t playing constantly everywhere I go. Simple Math possesses something rare in the indie rock community (and it is a community). Imagine every indie rock band you enjoy mashed into one comprehensive totem. Sound impressive? Having said that, their music certainly isn’t for everyone; however, judging by the current caliber of tunes that music lovers pay good money to hear, I’m sure most people will appreciate this. Manchester Orchestra produces many different vocal styles that may seem familiar, but rare to be compiled on one album. You may find that songs are reminiscent of Bright Eyes, Band of Horses, early Modest Mouse. The inspirations are crystal clear. (Listen to: Simple Math)

Beastie Boys–Hot Sauce Committee Part 2
No, you didn’t miss out on Hot Sauce Committee Part 1. The Beastie Boys’ long-awaited eighth album was supposed to drop back in ’09, but was put on a two year hiatus due to Adam “MCA” Yauch’s cancer diagnosis. It was set to be Hot Sauce Committee Part 1, but due to the delay, was magically transformed into “Part 2.” Growing up is overrated. The Beastie Boys’ sound has not aged a day since the early ’80s. While several of their songs express a more current P.O.V. and modern liberal sensibility, their core element remains constant. So, for all of you who religiously listen only to “old school” hip hop, please invite these nice Brooklyn gentlemen back into your home. It’s amazing that four men in their mid-forties can still rock this hard without making it feel irreconcilably awkward or creepy. It goes to show that anything is possible if the music comes from the heart. On the other hand, you have people like Fergie, pushing 40 and digging a shallow grave for modern music while we all do a facepalm crying, “Mom, please stop singing and dancing on the table. It’s embarrassing!” (Listen to: Make Some Noise)

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