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When the Frog Went to War

Last night, Americans were unnerved by the breaking news that Trump had ordered an artillery strike on the Syrian Air Force base from which planes carrying "Chemical Weapons" had supposedly launched an attack on the rebel-controlled town of Khan Sheikhoun. As I argued in a previous article, this "Chemical Attack" likely never occurred at all. But,… Continue reading When the Frog Went to War

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The Centipede’s Dilemma There's something happening; and it goes far beyond a year-long meme war (never forget). A new language has been created, new heroes have emerged, a complete mainstream media world-view has been uncovered and challenged at every turn, and the infighting among new cliques like the Alt-Right and Proud Boys has already begun. Thus begins the "Centipede's… Continue reading The Centipede’s Dilemma

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Talking Nerdy, Ep. 220: Making New Haven Great Again

We're back, ladies and gentlemen, and badder than ever! Full coverage of the election aftermath / Dan finally gets his rewards from the WWE and mansplains #Supernatural Tweets from girls on Twitter / Joe plays a game of Shotgun / Alex takes a trip to New Haven, Connecticut and triggers some snowflakes at Yale University… Continue reading Talking Nerdy, Ep. 220: Making New Haven Great Again

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The Day America Elected a Frog

Let's get one thing straight. Most of America doesn't vote; so before you gloat about "America wanted Trump" or "It appears Clinton won the popular vote, so clearly America wanted Clinton," understand the the vast majority of the country didn't give a fuck about either candidate; or at least not enough to push a button.… Continue reading The Day America Elected a Frog

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Pepe the Frog VS Harambe

Hello, Children of the Internets...Father Time, here. You may not believe this--shit, I can scarcely believe it myself--but there once was a time when memes were developed, ran their course, and eventually died. Occasionally, the meme would see a resurgence, riding on the white horse of creativity. Using wit, or simple nostalgia, a meme would… Continue reading Pepe the Frog VS Harambe

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Heavy Handed Heroes & Don King With 7 weeks left until Election Day, we're in the doubling-down zone for political theater. I don't care who anyone votes for because none of the current nominees seem likely to accomplish anything that I deem personally favorable, or ethically righteous. Putting the 3rd Parties aside--no, voting for a 3rd party is not throwing your vote… Continue reading Heavy Handed Heroes & Don King