‘Rogue One’ Review: Waiting for Quadinaros

I tried to push off my full review for the latest installment in the hopefully never-ending Star Wars saga. Everyone's posting stupid shit about this movie, and while most people have seen it, I, personally know several who haven't. So--I held off. Until now. You guys are no doubt aware of my feelings for Star Wars at … Continue reading ‘Rogue One’ Review: Waiting for Quadinaros


It’s Time to Say ‘Goodbye’ to Star Wars

You and Star Wars have had a good run. You saw the original movies when you were young and grew to love them more and more with age. One of the first shining moments in your cinematic-viewing youth was watching the towering and imposing figure of Darth Vader on the screen; dark, deadly, terrifying. You've had endless … Continue reading It’s Time to Say ‘Goodbye’ to Star Wars

Talking Nerdy, Ep. 225: Rogue Chan

SPOILER CAST: Rogue One was amazing and flawed, but still amazing. In short, it was Star Wars / The gang goes to House of Hardcore / The next installment of SagaCast: The Sagas of Christian Weston Chandler. This time, it's the Adam Stackhouse Saga / TommyNC2010 makes more eggs and sings an original song / Jose Canseco's movie is coming out / White Rabbit Project on Netflix gave … Continue reading Talking Nerdy, Ep. 225: Rogue Chan