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Vote for Yourselves (For All I Care)

First thing's fucking first, I get it--this election has been pretty nuts. Not unpredictably nuts, but a level of bizarre we can all deal with, should we be mentally stable individuals. Most of us aren't. And it seems that you guys--gentle readers--are almost certainly more out-of-touch than any of the current candidates are. But, having said… Continue reading Vote for Yourselves (For All I Care)

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Heavy Handed Heroes & Don King With 7 weeks left until Election Day, we're in the doubling-down zone for political theater. I don't care who anyone votes for because none of the current nominees seem likely to accomplish anything that I deem personally favorable, or ethically righteous. Putting the 3rd Parties aside--no, voting for a 3rd party is not throwing your vote… Continue reading Heavy Handed Heroes & Don King