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Talking Nerdy, Ep. 219: A Suitcase Full of Fantastic


Evan McMullin’s Halloween Nightmare / The big Walking Dead re-up / Dan Mansplains #Supernatural Tweets From Girls on TwitterWWE Hell in a Cell is coming up / Netflix‘s Black Mirror is the TV equivalent of a punch to the gut / What’s the deal with David S. Pumpkins? And why is he the same person as Kevin Roberts? / TommyNC2010 goes swimmin’ and joke tellin’ / An amazing Q & A with human member-berry, Verne Troyer.


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Pamela Adlon Wants “Better Things” for Us

Years ago, Pamela Adlon was the voice of Bobby Hill on TV’s King of the Hill, but since then she’s been working on a different kind of voice. After working with Louis CK on both Lucky Louie and FX’s Louie, Adlon found her home, somewhere between the realms of comedy and tragedy. Here’s hoping that Adlon’s endeavor is more like Louie in structure and content and less like Louis CK’s pet project, Horace and Pete, the 10-episode web series that punctuated elements of pure misery with even more gut-wrenching misery.

Adlon‘s upcoming FX series Better Things focuses on a semi-autobiographical character of Sam, a single mother of two daughters living in Hollywood as a struggling actress. Taking elements from her real life, family and insecurities, Pamela Adlon hopes to create a series of real life moments with inherent dark comedy, rather than attempting to write a set-up-and-joke comedy series.

The mood of the trailer seems to lie somewhere between Ricky Gervais’s Extras and an introspective artist piece that Zach Braff would try and fail to accomplish.

The new series will undoubtedly be compared to the enormously successful Louie. And that’s not a bad thing at all. Better Things is bound to be a break-out hit full of unique perspective, humor, and heart, distancing itself from just being a “Lady-Louie” and finding the exact comedic voice Adlon’s been working so hard to develop.

Better Things premieres on FX Thursday Sep. 8 @ 10PM