BARRON TRUMP and the Space Force – Limited Time Shirt Line

IMAGE FRONT: Barron Trump and the Space Force Vintage Book Cover

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The Super Dudes Power Squad Shirts Have Arrived!

Hey folks! If you didn’t already know, Super Dudes Power Squad now have T-shirts and buttons for sale over at Spread! Featuring illustrations and artwork by Super Dudes Alex and Joe! we have multiple pages full of selections to choose from. The best part is you can choose your own color shirt right on the page! We have shirts for men and women and even a shirt for large dogs (if they’re small…feed them more..) Buy one for yourself, your girlfriend, your boyfriend, your friend, the homeless guy who pees on the local bank, your grandma (and tell her to put a bra on for christs sakes! Cover it up flopasaurus!).

You can order them online and they’ll ship within 48 hours or so! Here’s a sample of what we’re selling! You can order them here!


If you order a shirt, be sure to take a pic of yourself wearing one and we’ll put it up on the site! Send them to !