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Talking Nerdy, Ep. 114: Hold On, Hold On, I Know This

H. Foley from the Center City Comedy Podcast in New York joins us for this week's episode. We bring back "Racist Radio" and talk about the latest Fall TV hits and flops. With the premiere of the Simpsons and Family Guy, we play a Simpsons Guest Star Quiz and cap off the show with our… Continue reading Talking Nerdy, Ep. 114: Hold On, Hold On, I Know This

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The Top 5 TV Alcoholics

Remember the days when the evil vices that television felt comfortable showing were very different. It used to be that sex and drugs were unheard of on TV shows unless the title of the show began with the words "The Dangers of..." Now that producers and executives have figured out that fucking, fighting, and freebasing… Continue reading The Top 5 TV Alcoholics

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Gryffindor FTW!!

Once in awhile, I'll happen upon something that I will--for a short time--consider the "Greatest Thing Ever." While this practice is often more spasmodic and arguably useless than Keith Olbermann's lists of Best and Worst Persons in the World, it often serves to satiate my otherwise excruciating somnambulism during the average work-day. Just about every… Continue reading Gryffindor FTW!!