Sinbad and the Mandela Effect

A term coined by paranormal consultant Fiona Broome, the Mandela Effect simply describes an event or series of events that a large group of people agree played out differently than they did in real life. It comes from the cognitive phenomenon that a large group of surveyed individuals believed that Nelson Mandela died in prison in the … Continue reading Sinbad and the Mandela Effect


Disney Pre-9/11 Video Vault: First Kid

1996 was a big cultural year for America. We hosted the Atlanta Summer Olympics, which was subsequently bombed by terrorists, killing one person and injuring over 100 more; the first three-parent baby was conceived through mitochondrial donation in New Jersey, of all places; The Ramones played their final show while Bob Dole was officially nominated for President … Continue reading Disney Pre-9/11 Video Vault: First Kid

You’re Fired? Who Gives a Shit?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but hasn't the American public essentially already "fired" every single cast member of 2010's Celebrity Apprentice? Every single person in the board room (arguably including Donald Trump, himself) has been rejected by society, Hollywood, the Media, etc. in a manner of speaking. What does that mean for this year's Celebrity … Continue reading You’re Fired? Who Gives a Shit?