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Talking Nerdy Episode 72: The DOC Holiday Special

We celebrate the 50th anniversary of Dr. Who and discuss the evolution of nerd culture. Walking Dead gears up for a gritty mid-season finale and Thanksgiving gears up for a drunk clusterfuck of embarrassment! It's a lot of fun this episode, with no sports but two games: Who Twote That Tweet and Iron Sheik Real… Continue reading Talking Nerdy Episode 72: The DOC Holiday Special

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The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Jerry Bruckheimer. This famous name which most moviegoers have no doubt heard of pretty much sums up every single aspect of The Sorcerer's Apprentice. If you've seen any of the flicks which this guy is involved in you'll know exactly what to expect; all glamorous style and substantially minuscule substance all wrapped up in a… Continue reading The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

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It’s Always Sunny on Christmas!

For those of you asking yourselves, "Does It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia really deserve a Christmas Special?" the answer--unquestionably--is YES! After a run of lackluster episodes in the previous season, Sunny is back on top. One of my favorite elements of the show--for better, or worse--is that the cast seems to truly and fully appreciate… Continue reading It’s Always Sunny on Christmas!

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Fighting Cancer and Ratings

Hey, remember that chick from the titty-riffic dimwitted smile swimsuit poster that used to be in every teenage boy's room in the 70's? You know the one... Farrah Fawcett has no doubt outlived her usefulness, and now she expects all of us to suffer with her. It's a horrible thing to have Cancer. I don't… Continue reading Fighting Cancer and Ratings

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Trailers of the Week II-The New Batch

Last week, I introduced a new feature to this blog called "Trailers of the Week" in which I choose the top three movie previews of the week (not necessarily in any order), and talk about why they're awesome. Unfortunately, this week, I haven't seen much of a surge in exciting trailers. I wanted to at… Continue reading Trailers of the Week II-The New Batch