Wall Ball Laws

Growing up poor on the mean streets of inner city Philadelphia, us kids had a lot of time to screw around outside. I never did a whole lot of video gaming (besides NHL 95 on the Sega Genesis!), and found the greatest amusement playing outside with a friend or two down the street. I've written … Continue reading Wall Ball Laws


The Super Dudes Power Squad Shirts Have Arrived!

Hey folks! If you didn't already know, Super Dudes Power Squad now have T-shirts and buttons for sale over at Spread Shirt.com! Featuring illustrations and artwork by Super Dudes Alex and Joe! we have multiple pages full of selections to choose from. The best part is you can choose your own color shirt right on … Continue reading The Super Dudes Power Squad Shirts Have Arrived!

It’s high time….

So, fair readers, it's been a while since you've heard from ole Davey. Let's fill you in on what you've missed in the last few weeks or so.... Still unemployed, however, I'm now doing some part time stuff for our very good friends at Derisory Designs, based out of Good Ole Port Richmond.  Cool-ass t-shirts … Continue reading It’s high time….