The Devil and Mr. Cain (of the Moment)

from JSonline. This is the full version of the interview that contained the 5 minute Herman Cain brain-shart that you will inevitably see somewhere on the internet/TV if you haven't seen it already. Essentially, it's another Republican "Oops" moment where a potential leader of the free world proves his ineptitude and ignorance of any basics … Continue reading The Devil and Mr. Cain (of the Moment)


Occupy: the War Zone (for the Moment)

from 12160info. I want to throw all my support behind the Occupy movement, but it's getting harder and harder. While I can't condone the way they're treated by law enforcement and right-wing pundits, the movement is distancing itself further and further from what any rational person would call "productive." It is treading on a thin … Continue reading Occupy: the War Zone (for the Moment)

Donald Trump: Genius or Chump?

Trump has been a media icon for decades. And while I have to give him props for graduating from the Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania, and for having the wherewithal to effectively turn the company his father worked tirelessly to create into his own person piggy bank, I somehow doubt his honesty and credibility. … Continue reading Donald Trump: Genius or Chump?