Sailor Twift Magazine #December2018

We Have the┬áTAPES! Review Brah has a Whopper...   Barron is growing...   Pete Davidson on Suicide Watch...   Running Immigrant Memes...   Cardi B's relationship was always a sham...   Sarah Hyland is losing her mind...   Jake Paul is on someone else's Suicide Watch...   TOMMYNC2010 reconnects … Continue reading Sailor Twift Magazine #December2018


Oil Pipeline Protests a Crude Excuse for Tribalism

There are a few things we can probably all agree on: America needs to be energy independent, and America needs to decrease its reliance on non-renewable energy sources. Both of those things go hand-in-hand most of the time; but because we can't snap our fingers and magically conjure up a universal new energy plan that … Continue reading Oil Pipeline Protests a Crude Excuse for Tribalism

Occupy: the War Zone (for the Moment)

from 12160info. I want to throw all my support behind the Occupy movement, but it's getting harder and harder. While I can't condone the way they're treated by law enforcement and right-wing pundits, the movement is distancing itself further and further from what any rational person would call "productive." It is treading on a thin … Continue reading Occupy: the War Zone (for the Moment)