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The SuperDPS Guide to Conspiracy Theories

From the beginning of time, the mentally unstable have turned healthy skepticism and questioning authority into a madhouse of unpredictable, unprovable, and unimaginably nonsensical theories. The eternal unanswerable question is "Why?" Why would the government fake a moon landing, house alien life forms, cover up the paranormal, or orchestrate a terrorist attack? The reason we… Continue reading The SuperDPS Guide to Conspiracy Theories

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Canada’s Most Wanted Time Traveler

The Internets are buzzing with the news of an alleged "Time Traveler" caught on camera in a museum photo in Canada. The practically seamless advances in photo-editing technology have caused many to play guessing games, and others to simply not give a shit. Here is the photograph in question--taken in the 1940's: While the possibility… Continue reading Canada’s Most Wanted Time Traveler