Pony Up, Daddy! The End of the American Father

It's been a rough road for the American dad. From their portrayal in commercials since commercials existed, to being walked all over in every HGTV reality show where he's forced into living in a Tiny House, or choosing between identical paint swatches, the USA Daddy has been dragged into his role as the castrated fool. Dads don't … Continue reading Pony Up, Daddy! The End of the American Father


Talking Nerdy Ep. 93: Dirty Dreadlock Hippy Bitch

In this episode, we talk about gender roles expressed in McDonald's toys, Dan explains #Supernatural Tweets, Jose Can-Say-So's Cinco De Mayo Edition, and we wonder what movie franchises will bring our childhoods to life! @NerdyPodcast Download the LATEST EPISODE HERE or on iTUNES   /   STITCHER RADIO Join the conversations on TWITTER and FACEBOOK!