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What’s A Rob’et?

And so we learn this week that we, as humans, are totally and completely fucked. Now, I'm sure this story is probably twisted a little, and it probably lost something when it was translated, but seriously! Robots that get insanely posessive and attached to people.  Weird. Now we could talk for days about how one… Continue reading What’s A Rob’et?

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Does Anybody Care About Movies?

A while back, I started a weekly article series called "Trailers of the Week." Not a very captivating title, but it did the job. Needless to say, I've been slacking. All my effort has gone into the Super Dudes Power Squad web-show (first motherfucking episode done, btw) and I've missed out on (what Johnny On… Continue reading Does Anybody Care About Movies?

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Egg Drop Scoop

Well, I went off and registered myself for Drexel University's annual Egg Glide competition. The link there has a pretty good description of the event, but basically, (and from here on in, I'm going to Bold the things that are in engineer speak), you build a dealie that keeps your egg from smashing when you… Continue reading Egg Drop Scoop

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The Feeling You’re Feeling

I currently have this strange sensation inside the darkness that is my tummy. It's not's not even hungry. I think it may be partially hungry, but not wholly. The abstract emptiness that I'm feeling may be somewhat caused by the abundance of lukewarm Coca Cola I've been drinking. Perhaps my inner sanctum is trying to… Continue reading The Feeling You’re Feeling

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Happy Two-Days After the New Year!!

First, I'd like to issue an apology for not doing the Trailers of the Week section this past week, and instead doing a game review. But, to be fair..there is nothing good coming all. Second, I'd like to apologize for our NEW YEARS videos which were supposed to be up by now...but YouTube seems… Continue reading Happy Two-Days After the New Year!!

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Weekly Trailer Talk (Sounds Better Than “Teaser Talk”)

Okay, Super appears to be that time again. That time is, of course: Monday-Time. And "Monday-Time", of course, means it's time to talk about the most exciting movie or game trailers I've seen lately. Unfortunately, I have very little to say this week. When we treat ourselves to Movie and Game trailers, we tend… Continue reading Weekly Trailer Talk (Sounds Better Than “Teaser Talk”)

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Trailers of the Week III: Gamers’ Edition!

Unfortunately, there aren't any decent new movie trailers to speak of. For this reason, I've decided to find three future Video Games that look appealing. Again, understand that these may turn out to be the worst games ever--but if their trailers hold up, they should be fucking awesome. 1. Rise of the Argonauts    … Continue reading Trailers of the Week III: Gamers’ Edition!

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Trailers of the Week II-The New Batch

Last week, I introduced a new feature to this blog called "Trailers of the Week" in which I choose the top three movie previews of the week (not necessarily in any order), and talk about why they're awesome. Unfortunately, this week, I haven't seen much of a surge in exciting trailers. I wanted to at… Continue reading Trailers of the Week II-The New Batch