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Returning from a wedding in Malvern / Game of Thrones delivers the goods / Erasing men from history / Transgenders in the military / Going deep into the latest trailers / TommyNC2010 has an encounter with a homeless man / Live on FB Live!



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LGBT Pride Gets Babadooked

I’ve always been against “pride.” No singular pride in particular; but unearned pride should have no place in our country. The circumstances of your birth should never be a source of pride.

giphy-23Once you’ve let your identity politics take the place of actual meaningful accomplishment, all that’s left is racial, gender or ethnic hubris that can only serve to discount or alienate others. Pride, as an institution outside of being proud specific accomplishments, is for the doomed.

Imagine a Puerto Rican Pride Parade in which people of Puerto Rican heritage were turned away if they were half-white, or half-black. Imagine if they were turned away if they were gay.

June is supposedly “Pride Month” in America; and this upcoming weekend, the annual Gay Pride marches will be held in every major city. The purpose of these events was always to create an environment of celebration and openness for individuals in the LGBT (and whatever other letters you wanna throw in there) community; to combat the notion of being closeted or hiding in the shadows.

This year, we’re seeing two drastic changes emerge. One has been a long time coming–the expansion of the LGBT community into more than sexuality and identity, but political alliances, and sociocultural normalcy with nothing really left to fight against…so they begin to create fractures amongst each other. The other is a direct response to the election of Donald Trump–a sense of immediate danger, a sense that their lives or wellbeing are under attack by some unseen imaginary forces.

2And therefore, this Pride March season, Republicans and Conservatives in the LGBT community have no place. Perhaps ultimately more telling is that the marches have been re-branded as “Resist Marches,” insinuating that the need for LGBT pride and exposure has been trumped (pun intended) by partisan fear over the President.

It has been noted by many LGBT Trump supporters that the “gay pride” phenomenon is officially over.

Yet another victim of “pride” has been the official symbol of diversity in the LGBT community: the rainbow flag. Due to some racial tensions within the LGBT movement, areas like Philadelphia have officially introduced a new flag…a rainbow…with black and brown added to the mix.

Black and brown were added to represent (duh) black and brown people in the community…but to what end? The rainbow itself is a representation of racial and cultural diversity, and a spectrum of sexualities and identities…so where does black and brown fit in?

Clearly, these colors were are a literal virtue signal from a hysterical political left wing desperate to find a way to prove their careers and place in society is still relevant.

(Philly has a Department of LGBT Affairs that it constantly has to grant legitimacy to in order to justify its wholly wasteful and redundant funding goals)

flagBut let’s end on a fun note that clearly proves that those in the movement have lost control of all reason and function: The Babadook.

A glitch in Netflix‘s algorithm accidentally featured select horror movies (including The Babadook) amongst the suggestions for LGBT Films. Some astute (read: autistic) members of the 4chan community decided that this would be a grand opportunity to make another ridiculous trend viral: The Babadook (a fictional monster that represents uncontrollable depression and mental illness) would be turned into an LGBT icon.

And the community (largely spawned from fidget-spinning Tumblr dorks) went along with it…of course they did. Because when you’re so focused on infighting, virtue signaling, and generating inane scare tactics about a fictional GOP Gestapo rounding up anyone whose shorts are too short…you miss out on the truly important things: trolls using a fictional Australian book-ghost to make you all look like psychopaths.


How to solve your normie Identity Crisis in 2017

Are you having a panic attack? Trouble breathing? Does it seem like the whole world is going insane, slowly crashing down around you as you spiral into a bottomless pit of depression and despair? Well, don’t worry–you’re in a good current year for your delusions of grandeur, body dysmorphia and political posturing. And because everyone seems to be doing it these days, no one will suspect a thing!

lNtfNU.gifIdentity used to be a niche that one could safely find ximself(?) in without being judged by similar normies where one could pretend to hate labels while secretly craving them. It used to be so cool! You could be a nerd guy (secret racist with a superiority complex), nerd girl (burnt-out math major and future mentally-abused care-giver of nerd guy), jock (illiterate glutton for authority), or cheerleader (burnt-out philosophy major and future physically-abused housewife of jock).

If you didn’t quite fit into any of those molds, don’t worry–because the most faux-alienated stereotypes always splinter off into their own tinier niches to further capitalize on the over-indulgent sympathy of their genetic superiors. There’s truly only one group who marginalize themselves in this way, and that group is: Nerds.

giphy.gifNerds would then split into fractured symbiotic subgroups in a fleeting attempt at forming a personal identity; a term that parents with teenage children would refer to as “a phase.” These phases typically manifested in a type of gender-bending fashion statement for boys (i.e. goth, punk, emo, grunge, metal). Similarly for girls, adopting crazy hair colors, styles, flamboyant or overtly sexual attire in the genres mentioned would be considered a normal “phase,” mostly reflecting the pop culture of the time.

Both genders participating in activities that parents with teenage children would refer to as “disappointing their father.”

Today, however, Nerd Cultures have taken over the mainstream. Any plausible activity that may have previously been considered fringe or specialized to “geeks” and “indoor kids” has become the norm. And therefore, the need for a new identity has emerged. The search for a “new phase” has begun. But this time it’s effecting everyone from imaginative children to hormonal (or stripped of their proper hormones) teens to mentally unstable adults.

So, for the time being, in the current year, before we start allowing who-the-fuck-knows-what as a viable imaginary identity type, here are some helpful suggestions to adopt.

1. Gender Non-Conforming Free Spirit
download.jpegWe can’t always get what we want…unless we can! Are you super-jealous of the handful of people who actually suffer from the crippling mental anguish that comes from body/gender dysmorphia? If your answer is, “Well, no but I like wearing pink sometimes, so that makes me part female,” then gender bending may be for you!

2. Species Non-Conforming Free Spirit
Otherkin20-1.pngIf you’re the type of person who can’t seem to bring attention to yourself whether you’re a pink-haired morbidly obese man-child in a virtue-signaling graphic tee, then perhaps you’d like to get the kind of sympathetic attention afforded to pets and the severely physically handicapped.

3. Politically Inconvenient Racial Ideologue
sean-king-youtuberIt’s very easy to rely on your own sense of racial pride when your own life is virtually devoid of meaningful accomplishment. The Chinese have been the only racial group to have their own “towns” in every major city and not see a complete social breakdown, so congratulations on your newfound dedication to your Nordic or Afrikaan identities, racial elitists, but–sadly–you’ll never be superior to the Chinese.

4. Politically Illogical Social Media NPC
c0swivxt37ry.jpgWe understand, life can feel empty when you’re a boring automaton with no real personality. You want to float under the radar, but you also want to make sure everyone thinks you’re well-read, properly virtuous for the current social climate, or simply much more politically conscious than you actually are. Find a TV show or poorly written news magazine that closely matches what you think of as a proper political ideal, and then just repeat your fake ideology until The Rock gets elected president, or whatever.

5. Generic Autist
Cenk_Uygur_by_Gage_SkidmoreBecause you’ve spent so much time pretending to like everything you see in order to avoid any minor confrontation, you’ve run into the soul-crushing problem of not really liking anything. There’s nothing you particularly enjoy. Everything you experience is essentially a fleeting and forgettable amusement park ride. But pretending to like things can be fun, too. Just get really hype about one or two things whenever they come up and you’ll be fine. The reality is that you’ll never have a conversation long enough for anyone to notice you don’t know what you’re talking about.

6. Blue-Pilled Normie
1424933369558So you haven’t chosen an identity yet. No worries. You’re a blank slate and there’s no shame in that. You’re dangerously close to being a general autist, but don’t lose hope quite yet. You have plenty of time to be a genderqueer species-nonconforming walruskin resistance-fighter you always/never wanted to become. Or…consciously fight every instinct that you have and try to be an adult in the real-world.