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Talking Nerdy, Ep. 213: We Need to Talk About Tommy

It's 9/11 Season once again / Conspiracy theories are fading away / What do we call 9/11 Day? / Finding a Trump Shrine and getting bullied by a child at Zern's Farmers Market / Gary Johnson bounces back from Aleppo / What's wrong with Hillary Clinton today? / The infamous Info Wars pickle can fiasco… Continue reading Talking Nerdy, Ep. 213: We Need to Talk About Tommy

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How Hilarious Would it be…

According to the Telegraph in the UK--I know, why should you giveĀ a shit?--an Indian geneticist has taken blood samples from the Taliban's Pashtun Afridi tribe and comparing it to the DNA of Israeli Jews. "Why is this little brown geneticist wasting his time?" you may ask... Well, there is a strong possibility that the current… Continue reading How Hilarious Would it be…

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Climate Change Clusterfuck

So it turns out we were wrong again. Another era of being caught up in sensationalism and "end of the world" hysteria has come upon us. But where do we stand now? Has everything that we've come to believe about a supposed Global Warming been complete horse shit? The short answer is "yes," with an… Continue reading Climate Change Clusterfuck