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The Deceptive Dystopia of the Wuhan CoronaVirus

The absurdist and hyperbolic response to the Wuhan Kung Flu CoronaVirus is a flamboyant display of post apocalyptic Communist cosplay at best, and a dangerous sociopolitical totalitarian exercise at worst.

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Talking Nerdy, Ep. 116: ISIS the Sun, and Ebola Up My Eyes

All of the hard-hitting journalism you expect from a group of "little podcast boys". We offer spoilers for Walking Dead and Boardwalk Empire; and bring back the classic "Dan Explains #Supernatural Tweets from Girls on Twitter!" We cover the latest news, discuss the problems with #Gamergate, and discover that Dave can't hold his pee for… Continue reading Talking Nerdy, Ep. 116: ISIS the Sun, and Ebola Up My Eyes

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Swine Flu, as I Understand It…

There's recently been a lot of rumors spreading around (like a virus!) about this whole Swine Flu business. It's a lot to wrap my head around, but I'm going to attempt a quick explanation. For those of you who don't know, Swine Flu is a variation of Influenza that came from pigs, transferred to pig people,… Continue reading Swine Flu, as I Understand It…