Watson’s Review of “Moonrise Kingdom”

The films of Wes Anderson exist in their own little world, and what a strange little world it is. As shown in his “Rushmore" and “The Royal Tenenbaums," it is an eccentric, colourful world populated with flawed individuals who wander about in unfashionable clothing and whose every reaction is almost a non-reaction. It is soundtracked … Continue reading Watson’s Review of “Moonrise Kingdom”


Anderson’s New Kid-Flick is ‘Fantastic’

At a time when we adult moviegoers have a fairly decent and varying menu of cinema to choose from, why is it that the best films I've seen have been meant for children? Though it sounds stubborn and pretentious, I have a difficult time bringing myself to frequent films that are rated anything less than 'R.' … Continue reading Anderson’s New Kid-Flick is ‘Fantastic’

Trailers of the Weak: The Best of Fall

The exciting Summer Movie Season is over, but fear not, you film lovers, you—because the Fall Movie Previews are up running. There are still plenty of movies for you to throw your money at while praying to your god’s deaf ears that they will be worth your while. The secrets out! The almost certainly won’t … Continue reading Trailers of the Weak: The Best of Fall