31 Reasons to See Rob Zombie’s 31

I decided to do this listicle as a personal challenge to myself. Full disclosure, Rob Zombie has become a bit much and his films have essentially jumped the sharknado. House of 1000 Corpses and Devil's Rejects gave us a taste of something new and interesting--a modern take on the B-Horror flick. But now that the genre has … Continue reading 31 Reasons to See Rob Zombie’s 31


The Case for Z-Nation

It appears Syfy has discovered a formula for making bad things good. There are four Sharknado movies – four. In fact, Sharknado 2 received the highest ratings ever for a Syfy original movie. It’s bizarre how that happens, and perhaps you saw one of those and chuckled. So why not give a show with a … Continue reading The Case for Z-Nation

Charlie Lightning’s Disinterested Cosplay at Wizard World 2012

...And that concludes our Wizard World Comic Con adventures in Philadelphia...for this year. And for more from Charles "Charlie Lightning" Lecki, visit his TUMBLR and listen to us every week on SUPER DUDES POWER SHOW: The Podcast.